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Welcome to Carlisle Flight Training and Aero Club

Established in 2004, we are a small, familly run, friendly flying school and aero club. We welcome everybody who drops in.
Our purpose is to open up the world for people who desire to see it from above.

Take to the skies

People of all ages can enjoy a fantastic they will never forget with us. A Flight Experience or 'Trial Lesson' is actually an exercise of the training course for a UK PPL, so the time you spend in air can be logged if you wish to take it further. Many professional pilots started this way.

Take to the skies
Testimonial from John Black

Flew from Kirkbride due to the ongoing works at Carlisle Airport. Really enjoyed the flight and conversations with Bob, absolute top man, could have done with spending more time on the mission, remembered all the questions I meant to ask during the flight afterwards and should have asked Bob more questions about himself too. Please don't take this as a threat, I'll be back! A terrific 70th birthday present from Steven, Denise, Rebecca, Josh, Rachael and Michael. Many thanks all!

John Black